Artist Statement

My work is a slow search for the Sacred and Beautiful. I make paintings, prints, and drawings that extract and live on their own.

I’m enthralled by the parts of the human experience that are mysterious, and I view my artistic role as an explorer. I frequently reference spiritual vocabulary, archetypal forms, and images extracted from nature to declare a universal, grand existence. I’m drawn to the intersection of ritual and experimentation, hoping that language fails to adequately describe the art, rejoicing when I can’t retrace my steps. My working principle is to “draw the drawing,” by extracting from previous pieces, so that my marks and forms have a lifespan that mimics my human experience and memory.

My art is an effort against the cynicism and pettiness of the Information Age. With an eye towards artists who balance sincerity with vigilance, I’m guided by the past art of Twombly, Rothko, and Frankenthaler, and the contemporary work of Makoto Fujimura, Julie Mehretu, and Anselm Kiefer, among many others.