For Sale. 1924 Kimball Upright Piano. VERY HEAVY!!!

Comes with adjustable Oak bench

and a collection of sheet music including:


an Irving Berlin songbook

(used, the pages fall out often)


a 1940 Broadman Baptist Hymnal

(near perfect condition)


and a red felt key cover. You can also

have my classical scores.


Plenty of Beethoven sonatas and some

beginner books to get you there.


It is a BEAUTIFUL Cherry Brown 1924 Upright model like the ad says.

I would take a picture but I am not sure how to put that Online.  


Of course there are several chips and scratches,

but nothing more than the wear and tear that 5 damn kids inflict!!


Played often, Joyfully, by my late wife and me. She’d polish

it every day so the grain still slides softly under your fingers.


I’m sad to say that the low A stopped working in ‘82

and the fourth E and G click. The top octave or so is a little weak.


-Asking $25-


Pick-up only. You will need a few friends and a large truck

because it’s HEAVY! I need it gone before I move into the home next month.


Before it leaves me, I’d love to hear it played like it once was,

by younger, steadier fingers. Anything peaceful will do.