As I prepare to finally publish my website, I need to admit something. I'm terrible at finishing. I don't like endings. If it's the last bite of food, I push it around with my fork. If it's the last sip of a drink, I pour it out. If it's the final chapter of a book, I read as slow as possible.  

This is a problem for many artists. Finality seals the fate of an artwork and separates the creative process from the aesthetic response. A line or a slight color change can alter the meaning of a piece. One might reach the end of his intended vision, only to realize that he is only halfway through the achievement of a much better idea. Finality is not to be taken lightly.

All this is to say that I should have finished this website several months ago.

A little about the site 

I am going to use this website primarily to post the art I make. It is an easy way for you to keep up with what I'm doing. I've already got several galleries of work up, so check them out. 

I will also be posting weekly about my art, other people's art, and other topics that inspire me. This material will be accurately linked through the "Blog" button on the sidebar. 

I will soon be selling art. I'm still researching the best way to do this. 

Please feel free to browse the galleries and my artist statement. I'd love to hear your thoughts.